About Us

ELP Australia (ELP) is a division of Interskill Learning Pty Ltd, a world leader in online interactive technical training. Interskill Learning have been developing e-learning solutions for the IT technical training sector for over 18 years, and Interskill Learning products are distributed globally to many of the world’s largest organisations.

ELP is your one-stop shop for high-quality training solutions that deliver premium results.

The strategic use of e-learning is now acknowledged as the best way to achieve a high standard of training and reduce costs.

ELP enables your organisation to deliver accessible, consistent training anytime, anywhere. Our easy-to-use courseware also provides management control over the learning process, and standardised training for large or geographically dispersed workforces.

ELP offers a wide range of e-learning courses that engage learners and build understanding with interactive activities, workplace simulations, animations and quizzes that focus on providing relevant information simply and clearly. Our courses are designed by experts to guide learners through a range of skill and comprehension levels in both technical and non-technical content.

ELP offers a premium range of online WHS Induction training courses. See WHS Training Course Information for more information.

For more information on Interskill Learning Pty Ltd, please visit www.interskilllearning.com